The Drive North

the drive north arrivesOne Man. One Car. And Endless Miles of Open Road, All Leading to America’s Greatest Treasures.

This isn’t a dramatic story about my love affair with my car. Though I like it lots. The Drive North: A Swing Down Memory Lane is instead the story of my road trip from Denver down to the Mexican border in Texas, up to the Canadian one in North Dakota, and back to my boyhood home in Minnesota, before returning to Colorado.

I explored some of the lesser-known national parks. A little secret I’ll let you in on now: they’re gorgeous. Carlsbad, Big Bend, Scottsbluff, Wind Cave, Teddy Roosevelt – they’re all some of the most beautiful places in the country, and also some of the least visited. Many people may struggle with the idea of going to these out of the way places, but I’d take them most any day over the crowds at the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, or Yellowstone.

Getting Ready for a Road TripAlong the way, I had several unexpected and sometimes hilarious moments, since toothless hotel clerks, hookers in Amarillo, tourist-trap museums, and tour guides all make for some very interesting stories. But through all of these parks and small towns, what I remember best were my boyhood family vacations; oddly enough, none of them by my recollection were to national parks. Nonetheless, these are the trips that inspired me to be who I am today – a traveler and writer.

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